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Formance Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)

Formance™ panels combine superior insulation with near-zero air leakage to maximize the performance of the building envelope and allow HVAC systems to operate more effectively. Formance panels are a great way to design and build your new home.

Frame and Truss – Pre nail.

FRAME & TRUSS MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND. The FTMA has a proactive group of members dedicated to ensuring New Zealand consistently gets the very best quality in finished product.

EcoPanel Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)

Ecopanel Structural Insulated Wall System is a complete prefabricated wall system, engineered and crafted by German master carpenters in controlled factory conditions, right here in New Zealand.

Kingspan Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)

For buildings with a more linear facade, or where the design requires a simpler solution we offer a panelised facade option – Evolution’s wall panel technology ensures exceptionally fast install time and effective single-component solutions without compromising a high end aesthetic finish.

Timberworks Structural Bracing

Building with an exposed timber-frame offers a bespoke, hand crafted and uniquely designed home with a beauty and aesthetic that many people crave. Timber frame buildings allow for magnificent vaulted ceilings, with open plan living for a light and spacious feel; equally they can provide warm, cosy, snug spaces to escape to.

NZ steel – Axxis steel framing

When building a home, it’s important that your framing is strong, straight and built to last. Made by New Zealand Steel, Axxis® steel is galvanised, high-tensile steel specifically designed for New Zealand’s house-framing market.

Proclima Air tight building wraps and tapes

Pro clima wraps and tapes enables healthy living conditions by protecting building structures from external and internal moisture damage. Our extensive range of high-performance weathertightness and airtightness systems help to create draught-free, long lasting and low allergen emitting surroundings for families, schools and businesses or your new design and build project or renovation.


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