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Hermpac Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards

Hermpac offer quality Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards in a wide range of standard profiles. These popular ‘off the shelf’ profiles offer great creative scope. Therefore designers and specifiers have extra freedom to meet individual needs.

Thermosash Weathering Steel

The principle of the material is that via the natural weathering process the surface rusts and creates a protective layer. This layer, providing the environmental conditions are not to extreme, can protect the steel from rusting further therefore producing a deep brown patina that varies slightly with time without any further surface treatment. Scratching or marking is lightly sanded to remove the worse effect, then left to naturally patina.
In almost all cases where the the weathering steel is specified as a façade cladding on building projects, it will be used as a rainscreen element, installed on a Thermosash engineered rail system over a weathering line on a cavity wall system consisting of a Rigid Air Barrier (RAB).

James hardie cladding products

Just like all enduring relationships, a safe and secure home requires strength, reliability and compatibility. So whether you are planning to grow your home, revamp your exterior or planing a new design and build. You are sure to find your perfect match in our range of claddings.

Resene construction Exterior plaster cladding

Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Incorporating both Rockcote and Plaster Systems. These solutions comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice.

Wanaka stone Schist

Wanaka Schist has been used for decades as a permanent cladding. To create beautiful features in design and build projects/homes and commercial buildings across new Zealand. It is low maintenance, timeless and distinctive.


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