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Eurostyle – Epic

Eurostyle™ is an elite roofing and walling system. Which will most certainly stretch the boundaries by offering building designers and building owners – elegance, style, design flexibility, sustainability and extensive material choice. Eurostyle™ is certainly not designed to be a “look alike.” It finds favour with those in the architectural and design industries that recognise and appreciate quality.

Dimond Roofing – Eurotray

Terra Lana wool blend Underfloor insulation out performs other underfloor insulation products. Because of it’s ability to breathe. It is safe, healthy and is environmentally friendly – so you know you are doing the right thing by specifying it.

True Oak Corrugate

Strikingly different from traditional shallow corrugated profiles, True Oak adds style and charm to any roofline. The distinctive shadow lines and deeper curves transform the performance of corrugated roofing.

Colour Steell – Freeman Roofing

Select a roofing material from our extensive range to suit where you live, and to get the warranty and durability you require.


Whether your project is urban, rural or coastal, we offer a wide range of architectural roofing and cladding solutions employing copper, zinc, aluminum, pre-painted steel and bronze.


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