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Book a FREE 1 hour consultation with Daryl Combes (owner). No Obligation.


We work together with an architect right from the start of each job. We design the house together, so we know exactly how much each component of the build will cost.

We’re 100% transparent with our pricing and give attainable quotes, which eliminates uncertainty and leaves you with a stress-free build.


We will meet with you onsite for a free 1 hour design and build consultation; identifying your building design, brief and budget we can match you up with one of the architecture firms we recommend for such undertakings. then:

Your concept plans will be drawn and submitted to you for approval.

Detailed design drawings will then be developed, priced (budget checked), and submitted to you for sign off.

Finalised plans and documents will be prepared and then consented.

Once all building consents and permissions have been granted we will begin construction of your new dwelling.

Ecotectural Home Builders Ltd will design and build your bespoke home ensuring that it is finished to the highest standards, using the best products and fully compliant with the building act 2004, the building code, and any building consents issued in respect of the work.(build times can vary depending on your homes design and building systems).

Ecotectural Home Builders Limited – TVNZ Grand Design

We offer Master Builders Certified Builders & Built In Guarantees!