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  • Smart Home overview. 
    This page is fulled with information for you to understand what a smart home is and the benefits to you and your family. These are the products we use
  • Insulated Floors
    The type of floor insulation used will depend on whether the floor is concrete slab or a suspended timber-frame floor.
    SIPS can also be used as flooring
  • Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)
    are a high performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB). SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money and labor.
  • Air Exchange System
    Smart Vent

    geothermal ground sourced heat.

  • Fire and Security  Detection
  • Garage Doors