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Design and Build Products.

These are great products to design and build your new home.


  • MaxRaft fully insulated slab.

    Don’t waste your energy when it come to your new design and build project; build a healthy and more cost effective home. MAXRaft® fully Insulated slabs are designed specifically to increase the performance of your home from the foundation up. There is no better way to start the construction the process.

  •  Terralana Timber floor insulation

    Terra Lana wool blend Underfloor insulation out performs other underfloor insulation products.  Because of it’s ability to breathe. It is safe,  healthy and is environmentally friendly – so you know you are doing the right thing by specifying it.

  • Mammoth Timber floor insulation

    Mammoth™ Modern Insulation is 100% polyester – much the same as your duvets and pillows. It is non-itch, non-toxic and made in New Zealand by a carbon zero certified manufacturer.  It is also made up from recycled fibers from plastic bottles.

  • Extruded polystyrene XPS Timber Floor Insulation

    XPS is a high performance rigid foam board insulation with high compressive strength. Extruded polystyrene is especially useful in under soffit applications and for cavity walls, roofs and other types of flooring.


  • Formance Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)    

    Formance™ panels combine superior insulation with near-zero air leakage to maximize the performance of the building envelope and allow HVAC systems to operate more effectively. Formance panels are a great way to design and build your new home.

  • Frame and Truss – Pre nail.

    The FTMA has a proactive group of members dedicated to ensuring New Zealand consistently gets the very best quality in finished product.

  • EcoPanel Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)  

    Ecopanel Structural Insulated Wall System is a complete prefabricated wall system, engineered and crafted by German master carpenters in controlled factory conditions, right here in New Zealand.

  • Kingspan Structural insulated panels – (SIPs)

    For buildings with a more linear facade, or where the design requires a simpler solution we offer a panelised facade option – Evolution’s wall panel technology ensures exceptionally fast install time and effective single-component solutions without compromising a high end aesthetic finish. 

  • Timberworks Structural Bracing

    Building with an exposed timber-frame offers a bespoke, hand crafted and uniquely designed home with a beauty and aesthetic that many people crave. Timber frame buildings allow for magnificent vaulted ceilings, with open plan living for a light and spacious feel; equally they can provide warm, cosy, snug spaces to escape to.

  • NZ steel Axxis steel framing

    When building a home, it’s important that your framing is strong, straight and built to last. Made by New Zealand Steel, Axxis® steel is galvanised, high-tensile steel specifically designed for New Zealand’s house-framing market.

  • Proclima Air tight  building wraps and tapes 

    Pro clima wraps and tapes enables healthy living conditions by protecting building structures from external and internal moisture damage. Our extensive range of high-performance weathertightness and airtightness systems help to create draught-free, long lasting and low allergen emitting surroundings for families, schools and businesses or your new design and build project or renovation


  • Altherm ThermalHEART Windows and Doors

    Double glazing is standard these days. But our innovative ThermalHEART technology takes the fight against winter cold a step further, with an additional thermal insulator stitched into the core of every aluminum profile.

  • NK Windows and doors UPVC Joinery

    Award winning, highly advanced, precision manufactured windows and doors with market-leading security, noise reduction and environmental attributes ensure high levels of comfort for you and your family.
  • Ecowindows and Doors

    We know that Kiwis want to live in comfortable, energy efficient homes – even though many current New Zealand houses do not meet that standard.
    Our knowledge and hands-on experience with market-leading German engineering means we’re uniquely placed to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners achieve those goals without compromising on design.



  • Eurostyle – Epic

    Eurostyle™ is an elite roofing and walling system. Which will most certainly stretch the boundaries by offering building designers and building owners – elegance, style, design flexibility, sustainability and extensive material choice. Eurostyle™ is certainly not designed to be a “look alike.” It finds favour with those in the architectural and design industries that recognise and appreciate quality.

  • Dimond RoofingEurotray

    Looking to add interest to your design or project? Consider the bolder look that Eurotray® Angle Seam offers. This member of the Eurotray® family lends itself well not only as a striking roofing profile – but as an exceptional wall cladding solution as well. In cladding situations, Angle Seam can be run both vertically or horizontally. Angle Seam can also be concave curved.

  • True Oak Corrugate

    Strikingly different from traditional shallow corrugated profiles, True Oak adds style and charm to any roofline. The distinctive shadow lines and deeper curves transform the performance of corrugated roofing.   

  • Colour Steell – Freeman Roofing

    Select a roofing material from our extensive range to suit where you live, and to get the warranty and durability you require.

  • Archform

    Whether your project is urban, rural or coastal, we offer a wide range of architectural roofing and cladding solutions employing copper, zinc, aluminum, pre-painted steel and bronze.



  • Hermpac Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards

    Hermpac offer quality Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards in a wide range of standard profiles. These popular ‘off the shelf’ profiles offer great creative scope. Therefore designers and specifiers have extra freedom to meet individual needs.

  • Thermosash Weathering Steel 

    The principle of the material is that via the natural weathering process the surface rusts and creates a protective layer. This layer, providing the environmental conditions are not to extreme, can protect the steel from rusting further therefore producing a deep brown patina that varies slightly with time without any further surface treatment. Scratching or marking is lightly sanded to remove the worse effect, then left to naturally patina.
    In almost all cases where the the weathering steel is specified as a façade cladding on building projects, it will be used as a rainscreen element, installed on a Thermosash engineered rail system over a weathering line on a cavity wall system consisting of a Rigid Air Barrier (RAB).

  • James hardie cladding products

    Just like all enduring relationships, a safe and secure home requires strength, reliability and compatibility. So whether you are planning to grow your home, revamp your exterior or planing a new design and build. You are sure to find your perfect match in our range of claddings.

  • Resene construction Exterior plaster cladding

    Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Incorporating both Rockcote and Plaster Systems. These solutions comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice.

  • Wanaka stone Schist

    Wanaka Schist has been used for decades as a permanent cladding. To create beautiful features in design and build projects/homes and commercial buildings across new Zealand. It is low maintenance, timeless and distinctive.


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